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We are based in Cheyenne Wyoming with satellite outlets in
Prague, Czech Republic and Alajuela, Costa Rica.

We have a variety of book stories written by Tecumapese
(Tec) Morning Star. Tec is of Shawnee descent and an
enrolled member of the Appalachian Shawnee Tribe and
enrolled member of the Okelevucha Native American
Religious Organization.

Tec enjoys writing about his Native American Heritage and
has authored five books so far. He also has other books that
include Native American Content; Dancing from the Streets
of Prague and Dancing from the Streets of Alajuela series.
Tec also writes about his favorite place to visit, Costa Rica.
The Tico series of six books take place in various locations
in the central valley of this small Central American country.
Tec also writes books that take place in his favorite city in
the world Prague Czech Republic; Havel, The Maestro,
Baseball is Played on a Diamond and Dancing from the
Streets of Prague series.
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