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Featured Native American Indian Series
Our American Indian series tells about the ways of the
Native American children in the United States. The stories
are about children learning their Indian heritage and culture.
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Prague Series
NEW Prague Series.
These books tell
stories that take place
in Prague the capital
city of the small
European country of
Czech Republic.
Tico Series
The Tico series is a set of seven books stories that take place
in various locations in the small Central American country of
Costa Rica. The schools and locations in the story are real. A
copy of each book has been presented to each school for their
English library
Dancing from the Streets is a three book series that takes
place in Prague Czech Republic and Alajuela Costa Rica. It is
the same story but one takes place of course in Prague and
the other in Costa Rica. An American sets out to help the
homeless children . He meets a homeless girl and decides to
help her and other street children by starting a ballroom dance
troupe. The schools in the story are Zkladni Skola Na Sutce
and Colegio Saint John. Follow our group of homeless
children work their way from the streets to the glamore and
glitter of music and dance stardom.
Let the Adventures Begin
Non-series Books
Dancing From the Streets Series
Prague             Alajuela
New Book
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